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Redwood Bank publish ‘Born in the Cloud’ whitepaper and video

19/04/2018 15:00:00
News Technology
We became Britain’s first 100 per cent ‘born in the cloud’ bank when we launched in August 2017. Six months later, we share how we achieved this.
Redwood Bank partnered with Microsoft to deliver ‘fast and fantastic’ service to its customers and colleagues using an IT system which was 100% internet-based from the very first moment the bank opened its doors in August 2017.

Gary Wilkinson, CEO, said “We are very proud that Redwood Bank was not only ‘born in the cloud’, but also considered one of the fastest ‘licence-to-launches’ in UK banking history. Microsoft and our other expert partners, have given us access to a secure, powerful digital infrastructure which would not be feasible to build in-house.” 

The whitepaper explores the benefits of using this technology to enhance customer experience, data security, information management, data controls and compliance with industry standard certification.

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Business image courtesy of OnlyYouGI from Freepik.com.