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Thinking of joining us?

Redwood Bank is the sum of a number of talented individuals coming together with a shared vision. If you share our vision, we offer a fantastic opportunity to make a genuine difference to the future of business banking.

At Redwood Bank, we are building an environment centred around our customers, doing things properly, earning trust and keeping things simple. We are based in a new office in the heart of Letchworth, with easy access by train and road. We also have a new office in the centre of Warrington. 

We are a small but passionate start-up bank who offer a distinctively positive workplace, achieved through selectively recruiting people who share the same values as us and think and act collaboratively. We have a positive impact on our customers through ensuring the alignment and engagement of our people.

It's about time for you to join us on our journey. 

All roles within Redwood Bank are subject to pre-employment screening including, but not limited to, criminal record checks, credit history checks and county court judgement checks.  Please refer to our Recruitment Privacy Notice which describes how we handle and protect your data throughout the recruitment process.

If you're interested in applying for any of our vacancies or simply would like to ask our HR team a question regarding our recruitment process, please get in touch.


Redwood Bank request that recruitment agencies do not forward CV’s speculatively or in relation to any of the roles advertised on our website. Should we require any recruitment agencies involvement we will contact the agencies listed on our preferred suppliers list. 
Redwood Bank will not:
  • Recognise submissions of unsolicited or speculative CV applications from recruitment agencies.
  • Be liable for any fee / commission should we employ a candidate that applied to us directly or through an instructed agency that may also have been submitted as an unsolicited or speculative application from an uninstructed recruitment agency.
In the event that a recruitment agency submits an unsolicited or speculative CV and then purports to render a claim for commission supported by correspondence and/or documentation containing a disclaimer indicating otherwise, our policy prevails.

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