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Hertfordshire homeless charity delighted with its Redwood Bank experience

09/02/2021 12:00:00
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When it comes to money, charities must be cautious and ensure they take good decisions to make the best possible use of all their donations.
When the organisation Herts Young Homeless (HYH) was in need of a savings account, they knew exactly where to go for a trustworthy local bank that supported the community.


Launched in 1998, HYH is a Hertfordshire charity which specialises in offering free services to support vulnerable young people. Its main focus is on preventing homelessness by providing education in schools and family mediation.


The organisation relies solely on donations and fundraising, and when a savings account was required, Chief Executive Helen Elliott decided she wanted to use a bank that she could trust.


Herts Young Homeless Team


Redwood Bank was already known to HYH, because the Bank’s staff had previously organised and taken part in a sleep out to help raise funds for the charity in August 2020. In addition, the Redwood team had also participated in the charity’s annual fundraising golf day.

Not only that, but Helen also knew that Redwood has won several awards for its fixed notice accounts that pay a better rate than most.

It was because of Redwood’s values and commitment to the community that Helen knew exactly where to go when she needed to open a savings account on behalf of the organisation. Having a team of trustees to appease meant opening an account with Redwood, which had already done so much for HYH, was an easy decision to make, and everyone was happy to approve it.


Through the trusted relationship between HYH and Redwood Bank, Helen was able to open a savings account with a great rate, using a local, trusted organisation.

She said:

“We are delighted to have begun working with Redwood Bank last year and have been very impressed with their services. It has been fantastic to work with a local organisation which prides itself on customer service and to have had such an enriching customer experience.
“The characteristics and values of Redwood Bank; including reliability, respect, integrity and responsiveness, perfectly align with our own charitable aims which underpin the work of Herts Young Homeless in preventing youth homelessness within the Hertfordshire community. We look forward to continuing this working relationship with Redwood Bank.”