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Meet the Brokers

In this new series, we learn more about the brokers we work closely with, finding out interesting and useful insights.

One of our Business Development Managers John Hall talks with Manish Babla from Sterling Professional Finance in our second Meet the Brokers interview.

John Hall: “Manish, tell us a bit about your background?” 

Manish Babla: “Most of my life I’ve been working in the finance sector as a residential mortgage broker. I started at John Charcol in 1999 which gave me a great introduction into the mortgage business. I also have experience with lenders as I once ventured to the ‘dark side’ by working for a lender to help them build up their loan book.” 

John Hall: “What do you love about this sector?” 

Manish Babla: “I love that every day is different and that I’m constantly learning new things. I also like going above and beyond to help new clients achieve their aspirations and reach their own goals.” 

John Hall: “Can you tell us about your current role at Sterling Professional Finance.” 

Manish Babla: “I am senior consultant advising clients on a variety of their requirements. I mainly cover commercial finance which represents the majority of what we do here – purchasing and refinance properties. My colleagues and I also work a lot with development and refurbishment loans.”   

John Hall: “What makes Sterling Professional Finance different?” 

Manish Babla: “Having been established for 20 years, Sterling Professional Finance has a really strong reputation in the commercial sector and in addition to property funding we also assist with business commercial funding. The work we receive is all off the back of recommendations as we rarely advertise. A referrals-based business means we are only as good as our last deal and the entire team at Sterling Professional Finance is dedicated to this.  

“Our team is extremely accessible. We are open, trustworthy and make our day-to-day work extremely transparent. Clients can phone us up for advice, whenever works for them. Being accessible is a really important factor that we constantly strive to achieve.” 

John Hall: “How did you hear about Redwood? 

Manish Babla: “We used to complete transactions with you, and Lynn when you were at a previous bank. Also, our director Sanjay Rughani worked with Lynn when she was at Lloyds. You’re legends!” 

John Hall: “How have you found working with Redwood?” 

Manish Babla: “They’re just great at keeping in touch with clients. Redwood, compared to other lenders, offer a very bespoke service. Rather than just giving us an online portal, we can speak to them directly.   

“For a broker, this is so helpful as we don’t want to waste time applying to then get a ‘no’. I can save time by phoning Redwood who can let me know whether the case is appropriate or not. Redwood’s approach helps us get fast decisions, which is how we want to work with our clients.” 

John Hall: “Does any case come to mind?” 

Manish Babla: “Yes, a large re-finance proposal comprising of a dozen self-contained offices in Greater London, where we all worked together to repay the client’s bridging finance loan which was used to acquire the assets initially. A conventional loan was required in order to reduce payments and acquire a few more office blocks.  

“Raj Kumar has been a client of ours for over five years. Whilst he needed a facility, we had to be sure it was executed quickly, along with the right covenants being applied. We found that you were able to understand the complexity of the situation, while getting Redwood’s credit team to buy into the proposition.” 

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