Redwood provides the perfect recipe for a smooth and stress-free lending process

22/06/2020 10:00:00
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The expansion of an innovative family-run catering business has been made possible thanks to the expertise of Redwood Bank.

Experienced Asian food manufacturers Delhicious Foods Ltd occupy a large industrial unit in West London’s South Asian hub, Southall. The complete refurbishment of its kitchen and purchase of a vehicle has equipped the family-run business with the necessary tools to offer professional catering services for receptions, weddings and corporate events.

It was made possible thanks to the quick-thinking of Redwood Bank, who stepped in to consolidate exiting debts in a money-saving deal completed in just eight weeks.


Redwood’s Business Development Managers Dan Carter and Kelly Stutely were approached by broker Jasbir Baidwan of B&P Finance Consultants Ltd to ask whether the Bank would consider providing a loan of £490,000 on a property value of £700,000.

The firm’s owners, Mr and Mrs Sabherwal, were keen to refurbish the kitchen facilities and fulfill plans to expand the business, on the advice of their two sons who had come on board since graduating from university.

This transaction was fundamental to the expansion of the business. The loan was sought in order to refinance existing debt, raise additional funds to complete the project and purchase new equipment including a new vehicle, allowing the company to deliver professional catering facilities off site.

Failure to complete on this would have stunted the growth of the company.


Able to identify the company’s potential, Redwood Bank had faith in the family’s plans to expand the business and came up with a recipe for success. The solution, far from being ready made, was to consolidate existing expensive finance lines and further expand the business with the purchase of a new van for catering events.

Regular one-to-one contact throughout the process gave both the broker and customer peace of mind and confidence that Redwood would be able to complete the transaction, including the legal process, within just two months.


Solutions were quickly found to the satisfaction of all parties, to enable the business to expand at the same time as reducing monthly repayment costs.

Dan Carter, Business Develeopment Manager

Dan Carter said: "It was clear that the Sabherwal family had earned the right to be considered as a solid, flourishing business. Delhicious Foods was established in 1994 and operated from a small production kitchen in Buckinghamshire. In 2002 they incorporated Delhicious Foods Ltd, became directors and shareholders and moved to the current premises. Six years later the family purchased a lease on the premises.

"For me this demonstrates exactly what Redwood Bank is all about. Supporting businesses who have a desire to expand and grow. It was a delight to work closely with Jasbir at B&P Finance Consultants Ltd in order to enable this loan to be drawn in a timely manner.

"The deal was not without its challenges, but by communicating clearly with all parties, these challenges were quickly dealt with to the satisfaction of all."

Mr Sabherwal commented: "We have been very impressed with the service provided by Dan Carter, the speed of delivery from formal offer to drawdown was impressive."

CEO and Co-Founder Gary Wilkinson said:

This is a great example of how we put customers at the forefront of what we do. We were able to find a solution quickly, which matched the customer’s expectations, and at the same time saved them money.
"We were delighted to work with B&P Finance Consultants Ltd who introduced us to Mr and Mrs Sabherwal having previously introduced a successful deal. One-to-one contact with the broker and the customer, coupled with Dan and Kelly’s commitment and dedication, enabled all parties to quickly agree terms, resulting in a smooth transaction completed within two months."