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Green not red for environmentally committed Redwood Bank

‘Red’ might feature in its name, but ‘green’ is most definitely the ethos behind Redwood Bank’s new environmental policies.

“We’ve taken the first step in making a series of improvements so that we can move forward and start becoming more of a sustainable business,” explains Jacqui Clayden, the Challenger Bank’s Environmental Champion.

“We’ve implemented a strict recycling policy, not just for paper but with general waste, batteries and printer ink. We’re also asking staff to cut down on all their printing.''
As part of its commitment, Redwood has joined the national environmental accreditation scheme ‘Investors in the Environment’ (iiE). The programme is designed to help organisations save money and reduce their impact on the environment.
“It’s a great programme as we’re getting personalised assistance and advice on eco initiatives, which is helping us to go greener,” says Jacqui.
As a company, working behaviours have started to change following COVID-19.
“We’ve found that working from home has had a profound impact on us as we’ve collaborated digitally and championed using Microsoft 365. We have also found that additional notepads and stationery are not always needed as we have utilised digital solutions as part of our online software suite,” Jacqui explains.
“Although the last year has been challenging, we’ve managed to find positives in the situation. We’ve all automatically found a greener way of working, which has been adopted throughout the organisation.
“It's been incredible to see the shift in attitude that supports our green initiatives, and everyone is fully behind this.”
As restrictions continue to ease and the Country begins to once again open up, Redwood is monitoring how small changes can be introduced that will make a big difference.
Gary Wilkinson, CEO and Co-Founder said: “Before everyone simply comes back to work in the office again, we’re currently carrying out a review which is looking at staff continuing to work from home, as well as the office, going froward-reducing the amount of commuting. We also want to encourage people to car share, walk or cycle to work if they can, because not only will that have an environmental impact, but it will also benefit fitness and wellbeing levels too.
“Here at Redwood we’re always trying to find new ways to improve the lives of our staff and customers, which is why we think that introducing changes to the way we work will help make a huge difference to our environment and all our futures.”