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Our People | Meet Alex Wilson

30/04/2020 09:00:00
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At Redwood Bank, our people are firmly at the heart of everything we do. We understand that when you, our customers, work with us, you want and expect a personal relationship to enable quick decision making and flexible solutions. This is why we’ve taken the time to speak to the people that power us.

Alex Wilson, IT Support Analyst

Alex started with Redwood Bank as an IT Support Analyst in November 2018. Before entering into the world of technology, he worked in the food industry as a chef. Fortunately for Redwood, Alex chose to take a slightly different career path.


Tell us more about your role and your proudest achievement at Redwood

Joining Britain’s first ‘born in the cloud’ business bank as an IT Support Analyst was always going to be a match made in heaven for me! I feel like I landed on my feet when I started at the Bank, and no two days have been the same since. Implementing Trust ID as part of Redwood’s KYC was a proud project to complete. This enables the team to validate customer identification documents in real time, supporting Redwood’s ethos of making fast, common sense decisions to make a real difference to local businesses.

What’s the best advice you have received in the past two years?

Presenting has always been a worry of mine, but I knew when I joined Redwood I wanted to overcome this. I was given some great advice in the past – preparation is key, make notes, don’t read off the paper and know your presentation. I feel I’ve gone from strength to strength ever since. It’s rewarding to hear that others have picked up on this too, I even had a fellow colleague praise me within our internal staff forum: "no one likes public speaking – but you did a really great job presenting in today’s staff meeting! Well done for facing your openly admitted fear."

How do you see Redwood evolving in the next two years?

Redwood has been built on a foundation of advanced systems, traditional values and a view to offering a real alternative for small and medium enterprises. Our experienced team can adapt to any change and embraces challenges put before them. With this robust structure in place, this will inevitably bring growth and success, and I look forward to playing a part in that.


What advice would you give to someone starting off in banking?

Go for it! I haven’t looked back since and would happily encourage those around me to do the same.

And finally, please tell us something we don’t know?

Believe it or not, I am the great, great, great nephew of the Scottish missionary and explorer, Dr David Livingstone... ‘One of the most popular British heroes’ sits nicely with me!