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Our People | Meet Brian Mulholland

At Redwood Bank, our people are firmly at the heart of everything we do. We understand that when you, our customers, work with us, you want and expect a personal relationship to enable quick decision making and flexible solutions. This is why we’ve taken some time out to speak to the people that power Redwood Bank. 

Football fanatic Brian is our Chief Financial Officer (CFO) who joined us right at the beginning. The smell of coffee gets him out of bed in the morning and if he was not being a highly efficient CFO for Redwood, his ideal job would be managing Glasgow Celtic, out of European competitions, season after season. Learn more about Brian below.

What has been your proudest achievement with Redwood to date? 

Building strong teams and seeing staff grow. Despite the success of the Bank, it is the people that really matter, and we have a really close team with a strong work ethic. An industry body recently said that within their membership: “Everyone would kill for your culture!”. That says it all for me and is a real testament to what we have built at Redwood.

Challengers vs high street banks – is there a place for both? 

Yes, there is room for both, but there is also room for partnerships and the introduction of FinTech’s into the arena – only by finding the right solutions for customers will anyone prosper, but by doing so everyone can prosper.

I believe that challenger banks can be really dynamic and innovative. The people attracted to challenger banks are so enthusiastic about the sector that they share their experience and collaborate with other new banks rather than purely seeing each other as competition.

How do you see Redwood evolving? 

I was with Redwood back in January 2017 before we launched and when the Bank was 100 per cent on paper instead of in the cloud. The evolution so far has been phenomenal, and I see us continuing to grow in the cloud as well as forming and building partnerships with FinTech’s. We’ll build on the fantastic culture and people that we have at the Bank. The future is bright.

What is the future of banking?

Outside of the introduction of new technologies, it really is the regulatory environment that will dictate the impact challenger banks can, and will, have on the industry. 

But I do believe there will be a bigger space for challenger banks. We offer a more flexible, digitally focused approach. Challenger banks were able to thrive during the pandemic and before. This is thanks to an emphasis on technology as well as bespoke customer service.

What advice would you give to someone considering a career in banking?

Don’t hesitate! It is challenging and interesting, with risks and rewards evident. Banking is so much more than savings, loans, investments and mortgages etc. I believe good banking is about securing people’s futures and helping them to make things happen, enabling innovations through prompt but common-sense decision-making.

Which three people, dead or alive, would you invite to your ultimate dinner party?  

Nelson Mandela, Winston Churchill and my Nana (she would tell everyone exactly what she thinks).

Have you got a claim to fame?

My football career peaked at the point when Virgil Van Dijk (worth circa £80m) was asked to wait outside a changing room while I showered so that he could meet me! How he must remember that day!
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