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Our People | Meet Jason Henegan

10/09/2020 12:00:00
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At Redwood Bank, our people are firmly at the heart of everything we do. We understand that when you, our customers, work with us, you want and expect a personal relationship to enable quick decision making and flexible solutions. This is why we’ve taken some time out to speak to the people that power Redwood Bank.

Jason Henegan, Senior Business Analyst


Known for his sense of humour, loyalty and love of numbers, Jason is a valued member of the Redwood team. He joined the Challenger Bank in May 2018 as a Senior Business Analyst and has not looked back since.

What gets you out of bed in the morning?

Generally, my Cavapoo dog called Luna, who is more energetic than I am early in the morning.
Professionally I am driven by knowing the projects I am working on make a real difference to the business. 
What’s one thing you know now about banking that you didn’t two years ago?

Banking is a highly regulated industry and decisions require proper discussion, planning and accountability. Not only must the Bank make the best decisions, but it must also be seen to make the best decisions too.
It can be a high-pressured environment, but I always remember to be kind, and remember that everyone is struggling with something; find out what that is and solve it for them.
Challengers vs high street banks – is there a place for both?

There will always be high street banks and there will always be challengers to the status quo. In the coming years I do think we will see more competition from new challenger banks opening.
But, as our reputation continues to grow and more people hear of the great work that we do, Redwood will be the standard by which all non-high street banks are measured.
What should we watch out for in the wider industry in the next two years? Any game-changers on the horizon?
Machine learning will be utilised more across the finance industry, including for decision support systems during underwriting/vetting, and providing additional insight for MI reporting.
Tell us something about you we don’t know please?

Some time ago I was able to land a 747 at New York JFK airport…..in a full-size simulator at Heathrow.