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Redwood Bank’s racing champ gets back behind the wheel

Working as a Business Development Officer with Redwood Bank, Katie Reynolds is used to driving growth in her day job but at weekends the fearless 22-year-old can be found behind the wheel racing in the UK Autograss Championships.

The high-octane world of fast-paced thrills and spills may seem a world away from the relatively sedate environment of businesses loans and refinancing facilities but for Katie it represents the perfect pastime.

Having won the UK Championship in 2018 and come second in 2019, Katie is aiming to regain her crown this year, with three races still to go in the five-race calendar.

She said: “My dad and uncle started racing a few years before I was born, so I grew up going most weekends and being in and around the environment or helping in the garage.

“Winning the UK Championship back in 2018 was incredible. It was my first year of competing at a higher level and was something I didn’t ever think would be possible.

“It is very hard to regain titles as more competitors join each year and each year the cars get better and better. This year I am going to be in my second year of driving a new car, so will be trying my best to get in as much practice as I can in between the rounds to ensure I am as comfortable in the car as possible so I can do my best at the big competitions.”

The UK Championship is made up of five rounds all around the UK from May to October.

In each race there are a maximum of eight racers on the track at one time, however there can be multiple grids of the same cars to mount up to one class. At the biggest competitions there are 40 cars for each class, and only the best eight get into the final.

For more information, and to follow Katie’s progress in this year’s Championship, visit www.ukautograss.com