Inside Redwood

We are Britain's newest business bank, looking to get local businesses moving again.

Redwood Bank launched in August 2017 with a view to offering a real alternative for small and medium sized organisations looking to make sure that their properties and cash work harder for them.

We offer British businesses simple, transparent loans and savings accounts backed up with tailored service, efficient systems and with the knowledge that money is being invested back into British business and into the communities we're part of.

Our mission is to genuinely make a difference to our customers. 

Redwood Bank currently has two offices: Letchworth and Warrington, which focus on lending to their local communities and which between them also cover the whole of mainland Britain. 
It's about time Britain had a bank that respects local businesses and knows what it takes to manage and grow small and medium sized organisations.

It's about time for Redwood Bank.
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Britain's business bank
Your business bank

Based in the heartlands of Britain, our teams are making fast, common sense decisions to make a real difference to local businesses across Britain.

Quick business mortgage decisions
It's about time

Business moves at pace and that is why we aim to make the decisions on our savings and loans quickly, so you can focus on your business.

Our people power us
Powered by our people

We may have the latest technology behind us, but it is our talented, hand-picked people with a wealth of business experience that really makes us different.