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Our Story

Our story is a unique one and our vision is to build a new business bank for Britain, with our customers at the heart of everything we do.

The Redwood Bank story

Our story started in 2015 when our co-founders, Jonathan Rowland and Gary Wilkinson, met and developed a simple but compelling business proposition to build a brand new flexible and personable British business bank, with advanced systems, traditional values and one which would have an appetite to lend to small and medium sized organisations, whilst developing strong relationships with its customers.​

They then started building a talented team around them and in April 2017, Redwood Bank received an initial banking licence. 

With a simple and single-minded plan, a passionate and experienced founding team and motivated owners, the Prudential Regulation Authority and Financial Conduct Authority granted Redwood Bank its initial banking licence in April 2017. A “Mobilisation” phase then commenced, resulting in the banking licence’s restrictions being removed in August 2017, after just over four months. Redwood bank then opened its doors for business.

Redwood Bank launched with a view to offering a real alternative for small and medium-sized businesses looking to either expand their organisations, or simply just save for future growth. We offer British businesses fast, simple, transparent loans and savings accounts, whilst also offering our savings accounts to clubs, associations, charities and societies. We provide great service and promise that money is being invested back into British business and into the communities we're part of.

Our specialist team of experienced people are based across our offices in Letchworth and Warrington. They focus on lending to our local communities and between them also cover the whole of mainland Britain. We are passionate about supporting British businesses, helping them navigate the ever changing financial and business landscape by offering secured, individually assessed loans and simple, rewarding savings accounts.

it's about time

It's about time Britain had a bank that respects local businesses and knows what it takes to manage and grow a small business. It's about time for Redwood Bank.

A strong team culture sits at the heart of the Bank and we’re proud of the whole team, all of whom have played huge roles throughout our growth.

Watch our video and scroll through our timeline below to see some of our key highlights worth celebrating within
Our Five Year Anniversary.